01 October 2008

Potentially Exciting News!

I had my doctor's visit with my regular OB today . . .

But first, let me back up a bit. Last Thursday morning (the day before my sister's wedding) I experienced pretty strong contractions about every ten minutes for a little over an hour. I sat on the bed and prayed: "Yes, I want her to come, but not today! Please, God, not today. I need to be at that wedding!" Fortunately, everything stopped and I made it to the wedding with no problem.

Today I had my first cervical check and the doctor's face lit right up. I am already 70% effaced and 1.5-2 cm dilated! She said last Thursday was a false labor and that I should count myself very lucky that everything did stop because it could have kept going. Anyway, while she can make no guarantees of anything, she suspects that I could "go" any day now-- and certainly does not think that I will reach my due date. (But with a first pregnancy, especially, it is very hard to make a guess.)

So . . . Next Tuesday I see the specialist and I am quite confident that if they don't suggest it, I can request being induced as my cervix is ripe and my husband will be in town that week (he won't the week following).

But I am so ready to have this baby that I am doing all kinds of "old wive's tales" to try and induce labor: I had a pedicure earlier today, just finished eating the "labor-inducing salad" that my cousin handed me the recipe for at the wedding, am going to vacuum the entire house tonight and drink hot tea before I go to bed. While there are MANY more things I could try, I figure this is a pretty good start!

We will keep you all posted!


Lindsey said...

Tell Sylvia to hurry up! I can't WAIT to meet her!

babystephanie said...


Ria said...

Yes, keep on going girl!
I cannot wait to meet you and your parents. So maybe in november?
Keep strenght and lots of love,