27 September 2011

Power in My Fingers OR Introducing Lincoln Josiah

Lincoln Josiah, my newest nephew, was born this past Sunday morning, the 25th of September 2011.  He was an easy and smooth delivery and my sister was thrilled!  He was a perfect 7lbs 3oz and 19.5" long.

I finished knitting his gift at about midnight, and at about midnight my sister's water broke.  I am really beginning to think I have been given a supernatural knitting gift.  Does God grant such things?  Probably not, but the timing was still impeccable.  Below you can see Lincoln and his two friends:  I made him the dog (though I don't think it is a very good picture of him) and my sister made the darling felt giraffe (remember our Monster Family from last Christmas?).  Despite his appearance in this picture he is overjoyed by the companionship.  Trust me.
And now my sister is part of a family of four.  And I think this suits them very well.  "The Foreman Four" has a nice ring, don't you think?

24 September 2011

A Good Heart

That's what our Little Guy has, is a good heart.  Several weeks ago she had her fetal echocardiogram and despite the hassle and headache she caused the technician, her heart looked fantastic.  She was, once again, extremely active but also very unwilling to allow a good view of her heart.  The sonographer was bumping my belly, rotating me so my feet where well above my head, had me use the bathroom twice . . .  And still, LG remained obstinate.  And please keep in mind that a fetal echocardiogram requires many measurements, well beyond a standard growth and anatomy scan.  In the end, all measurements were attained and the much relieved tech was, I think, happy to see us leave.

The brief meeting with the doctor afterward told us what we had already gathered, LG's heart looked completely normal for her fetal stage of development.  Additionally, the growth and anatomy scan that preceded the echo confirmed the same thing.  She was in the 45th percentile for weight/size, planting her firmly in the "average" category.  Hallelujah!

I return in two more weeks for what may be my final ultrasound.  There is no concern that precipitates having this scan, it is merely a precaution given my history and the still somewhat unknown feature of carrying a child with VHL.

Meanwhile, my sister is expected to deliver her second son pretty much any day now.  The family is in eager anticipation, and I am knitting his "welcome to the world" gift.  I joke that he will not come until I am finishing his present.  Neither Daxton nor Veda decided to come until I was literally making the final stitches to their gifts.  (And perhaps this is why Daxton waited until 41 weeks to make his appearance!  Hmmm . . .  Better get stitchin'!)