25 February 2009

Just Because

Our blue-eyed babe is becoming a green-eyed babe (maybe brown). Yep, those eyes are beginning to change!

Otherwise, the only reason for this post is to show her off.

23 February 2009

Four Month Checkup

Sylvia had her four month Wellness Check today and we are happy to report that she is a very healthy baby girl. The doctor was impressed by the fact that when he walked into the room she was able to look at him a couple of times and she was grabbing and playing with Dave's fingers. She had more shots again today and these actually went better than at her last appointment. She screamed for a bit but nothing too bad.

And for her statistics: She is still long and thin. She is 13lbs 3oz. (still 50th percentile), 25.5" long (still 90th percentile) and her head circumference is 15.75" (still 50th percentile). For those of you who know little about baby clothing sizes, this puts her in a very difficult position. Her 3-6 month clothing is beginning to be too short, but the 6-9 month clothing just hangs on her. In fact, a lot of her 3-6 month clothing still hangs on her (which generally goes up to 16-17 lbs.). What I have found, however, is that two piece outfits work great. The pants generally run a little longer (if not a little large in the waist!).

We are just so happy that our daughter is happy and healthy. She is so precious and such a miracle. We are very thankful.

20 February 2009

Top 100 Nightmare Come True

Last week Thursday one of my greatest fears came true: Getting stranded on the interstate alone. The only thing that could have made it worse was to be in the dark. Fortunately, is was late afternoon and we still had light.

I was driving home from an afternoon of "me time" while my sister watched Sylvia. I was almost home when suddenly my car just stopped. It just quit, and I had to coast to the shoulder. I sat on the interstate and placed a couple of phone calls to people to A. Find me a towing company and B. To give me a ride home.

After these initials calls I was able to start my car and it ran long enough to at least get me off the interstate and onto country road. For some reason this made me feel a lot better. I had two wonderful men show up to give me a ride home, Dave and our friend, Phil, came. And I was able to arrange the towing and mechanic without a problem.

In the end it was a VERY costly repair: My alternator was indeed bad. And so, a towing fee and a new alternator later we are much poorer but at least I have a working car and I faced one of my greatest fears!

15 February 2009

Since Thursday this little girl has been trying so hard to roll over (back to front). At one point she was grabbing her sleeve and it looked like she was trying to pull herself over. Too cute. As of this evening, we have not had success. She has even been trying in her crib, and this morning we found her sleeping on her side. She probably wore herself out trying to roll!

14 February 2009


10 February 2009

Eating Solid Food

Yes, Sylvia is on solids. She started with some rice cereal this past weekend and seems to really enjoy it. Of course, it doesn't really look like solid food to us solid food consuming adults, but it is a milestone for her.

And she got LOTS of hats from "Uncle Bill," our friend Phil's uncle. This was so nice, and she looks so cute in hats!Otherwise, we have no news to report, just some more cute pictures!

06 February 2009

Head Results and First Nude Shots

Well, we have finally done it. We have taken nudie pictures of our daughter. My mom got some of her first bath, but Dave and I have never actually taken any bath pictures of her. But the other night she was just too cute and she is getting so chunky and there is just something about those rolls of baby fat that cries to be photographed. And so . . . See above.

Sylvia and I were at Mary Free Bed yesterday to have her head examined and the end of the very long story is that her head is pretty gosh darn good and no helmet is needed. Yay! Her head is indeed flat but it is flat above an invisible line that runs across the back of the skull. As long as this flatness occurs above that line then there is no reason for concern. If the flatness is beneath then there can be problems with nerve endings in the brain and this would need to be corrected. We are very thankful.

Below are what we are using as her three month pictures (plus one other black and white one that I posted a little while ago and she is wearing a different outfit). These were taken courtesy of some great friends and after Catie did some editing and I did some more editing, this is what we got:

This picture looks like it should be hanging in the hallway of a 1950's home.

And this is the colorized verson of the same.

And this is her "full body" shot.

Isn't she beautiful? We think so!

03 February 2009

Uninvited Guest and a "Big" Girl

This is who I found on our porch in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. And he really didn't care that I was there too and I could not scare him away. He just sat there staring at me like, "Yeah, whatchya gonna do?" Eventually he meandered off on his own. He is a freqent visitor at night and Dave is usuallly able to scare him off, but I have never seen him during the day and apparently I am not threatening to him. Fortunately, he always leaves the outdoor cats alone.

And little miss Sylvia is getting so big that she able to enjoy her play center in little spurts here and there. She has more and more stomach muscle control and last Friday morning I was able to have her sit on her own for about a minute before she finally flopped over. Her little arms are kind of short yet, so she can't reach much on the play center, but she enjoys being up higher and looking at everything from this new angle. She is growing so fast!