03 February 2009

Uninvited Guest and a "Big" Girl

This is who I found on our porch in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. And he really didn't care that I was there too and I could not scare him away. He just sat there staring at me like, "Yeah, whatchya gonna do?" Eventually he meandered off on his own. He is a freqent visitor at night and Dave is usuallly able to scare him off, but I have never seen him during the day and apparently I am not threatening to him. Fortunately, he always leaves the outdoor cats alone.

And little miss Sylvia is getting so big that she able to enjoy her play center in little spurts here and there. She has more and more stomach muscle control and last Friday morning I was able to have her sit on her own for about a minute before she finally flopped over. Her little arms are kind of short yet, so she can't reach much on the play center, but she enjoys being up higher and looking at everything from this new angle. She is growing so fast!


Stepher said...

I like the big girl, I think she's cute. But she's probably very naught :( Give Sylvia a big kiss from her aunty stephy!

Lindsey said...

Hehehe... what fun. The little "uninvited guest" is too cute though... although compared to my niece, not so much! hahaha! I can't believe how big Sylvia is!

Ria said...

Almost 4 months old already and she is really so cute !!!!!!!!!!!
A big hug for all of you.
By the way, maybe silly question, but what kind of animal is that?
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

So, not to freak you out, but...

Be careful of wild critters that seem unafraid of people and are out in the day if they are usually nocturnal... these are signs of Rabies. Rabid animals usually look confused and can become super-aggressive. Rabies is lethal to humans.... if you are bitten, you need to get shots within like 24 hours.