28 November 2008


Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We had a fabulous holiday and it is rather exciting to share this time of year with a little one. Although she does not understand what is going on around her it is still so much fun. She turned six weeks today, and while I did not manage to get an actual six week picture the one of the two of us is from yesterday morning. I figure five weeks, six days is close enough! And she was wearing the most adorable outfit! It was her "Little Turkey" getup and it was just too cute.
And our daughter is really beginning to become responsive. Yesterday morning she smiled and cooed at me. It is so rewarding to finally have her respond to us. It makes my job a little more special when my child can "show" her appreciation. She is beginning to take real interest in objects and I can finally shake a rattle in front of her and she will watch and follow with interest. (See picture above.)
And this is her first dress. I just thought she was so stinkin' cute that I simply had to take a picture. She is so beautiful.

Today we went into Grand Rapids to visit another one of my favorite stores. For the first time in two months I was able to attend a cardmaking workshop. This was very good for me as it reminded me that I am still me and I do still have my own interests and hobbies. Of course, I am very eager to be able to share my crafting hobby with Sylvia and can hardly wait for her to get old enough to join me in cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc. It will be a few more years, though!

24 November 2008

One Snowy Morning

The snow is falling so peaceful this Monday morning. It is absolutely beautiful. It provides a calming effect despite the chaos inside my house right now: Sylvia is fussing, the cats are getting into trouble, and Chloe is decidedly discontented. Yet, I look outside and see the steady fall of light fluffy snow blanketing our trees and yard and it relaxes me just enough to continue with life.

And life has been busy. Yesterday Dave's Tante Ria and her son, Johan, returned to the Netherlands. I will miss them so very much. I adore Ria and enjoyed the time I got to spend with her this past week. She was so smitten with Sylvia and I am glad that she got to spend some time with my daughter.
This was the first time I met Johan, and he is a real pleasure. Neat guy, and I was amazed at how much he seemed to enjoy the baby. Not typical for a twenty-year-old, I don't think. We also went to the Santa Clause parade in Grand Rapids Saturday morning. I dressed Sylvia in her Santa shirt and her "Old Man Pants" (see previous entry), and we carted her off for the festivities.

This was how she spent the first half of the parade, but she still made out with a candy cane! (Which Daddy ate.) Then we had a bit of a catastrophe when Sylvia had one majorly wet diaper and we had to change her clothes and spent the rest of the day swaddling her in blankets because she got her snowsuit wet too. (How can a bladder that tiny hold so much fluid???) Still, we always consider her wet diapers a blessing, because it means her kidneys are functioning well. After the scare we had during the pregnancy this wet mess is actually a wonderful reassurance.
And our Saturday continued after that with a shopping trip to one of my favorite stores to meet some of my favorite people, including my dear friend, Stephanie. Then we headed for Schuler's Bookstore to meet up with my mom while Dave and my dad went to the new James Bond flick. I was thrilled that Ria and my mom got to meet and it was pretty cool to have Sylvia be with all of her Grandmas: Oma, Oma Ria, and Grandma.
And this is a special picture. Even though I look a little ridiculous (but when don't I?) I just love having a shot of Ria, Sylvia and me.

And despite my utter exhaustion I guess I am doing well. I am beginning to fall into motherhood and routines are beginning to develop. Sylvia is also becoming more responsive and that makes the job a little more rewarding. I am sad that my Christmas decorations are not up and that the Halloween stuff still is. I have ventured into the back room to get the boxes out of the closet a few times now, but each time I look at the containers and think about all the work involved and realize that I am just too tired to do it. I love having the house decked out for the holidays, but I have a feeling this year we may just have our tree and our music out and our Halloween village still in place to bring in the joyous occasion.

22 November 2008

Hanging on for Dear Life

Sylvia hates baths. I mean, she really, really, really hates baths and screams bloody murder while she is receiving one. Last night she tried a new tactic at not having to take one. Dave undressed her and was about to take her into the bathroom when he looked down and she was clinging for all she was worth to Happy Clown (my absolute favorite childhood toy). Sadly, not even Happy Clown could spare her the misery.
And here is her five week picture! Yes, five weeks. She just keeps growing and growing. The outfit she is wearing is straight from Paris, thanks to the Dutch family. (Later today or tomorrow I will post pictures of our time with the Dutch family.)

This morning we are going to the Santa Clause parade in Grand Rapids. Not so much for Sylvia, more for Mom and Dad. Don't worry. We have a friend who owns a coffee shop on the parade route so we will be inside to watch; we will not expose Sylvia to frigid temperatures. And Sylvia has the cutest outfit to wear to the parade! I can't wait to see her in it and get some pictures.

17 November 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving

See this precious pumpkin? She looks so cute and innocent, yes? It's a lie! This girl is a terror-- and at only one month of age. (Today marks her one month birthday.) She refused to let me sleep last night and today was a repeat performance. I finally got her to sleep a little after 2:00 a.m. and then things progressed "normally" (feedings every three hours but minimal fussing) until about 11:00 a.m. At this point she remained entirely unhappy until she FINALLY snoozed at 5:00 p.m. I have had this child in my arms, in her swing, in her vibrating seat, back in my arms, and on my chest for hours at a time and she continued to be one unhappy little person.

But now I am locked in the study/work room with Radiohead playing rather loudly to try and keep the cries at a dull roar while Dave tends to her for a bit as I try and regain my sanity! Colic is no fun and I now have a deep appreciation for any parent who has dealt with this and survived. (Ummm . . . Thank you, Mom.)

The good news, however, is that we had a great weekend. Even Sylvia had a great weekend. Dave's family from the Netherlands is in the country right now and they were by to see us Saturday. Then we went up to Dave's Grandma's near Ludington yesterday to have a "practice Thanksgiving" with the Dutch family. They have, naturally, never celebrated Thanksgiving but they are leaving just a few days too early to celebrate the actual holiday with us so we did an early feast yesterday. We had a great time. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but as soon as I get all those pictures that Ria has taken I will post a few. And, yes, Sylvia was a nearly perfect angel the last two days. Good for everyone else, but frustrating for Mom. It just figures that she will behave for other people but not her own mother. (But isn't she the cutest thing ever?)

14 November 2008

Old Man Pants

Sylvia is four weeks old already-- nearly a full month. I thought I would try out a cute pair of jeans to see if they fit her yet. They are listed as a 0-3 month item, and while some of those clothes are still too big for her, I thought perhaps these pants would fit. They looked small enough! Needless to say, they fit her like old man pants. She didn't seem to too pleased:
Olivia, one of our kittens, tries desperately to get Sylvia to pet her. Of all of our cats she is the only one to do this. I can almost hear her kitten mind in action, "You have all the right equipment, why aren't you petting?!?!" This picture is from one of her most recent attempts.
And my dad . . . He has a "moderately angry" prostrate cancer and will have surgery to have the organ removed January 12. Radiation, while technically an option, is not really an option for him. It is possible to do surgery and then radiation afterward, if needed, but it is not always possible to do radiation and then surgery. As he is so young, if that cancer should return or not go away from the radiation he may not be able to have surgery to try and rid his body of it-- seems like a pretty serious risk at only 54.

10 November 2008

Harsh Reality

Okay. So I haven't wanted to use our blog to "vent" but right now after getting no sleep for several weeks it is time that I spend a minute to try and unwind. Newborns are tough. This is no well kept secret. But in an effort to protect our friends and family who are currently expecting their first children, I haven't wanted to reveal how truly difficult some newborns can be (fortunately, only about 10-20%).

Sylvia has extreme fussiness/colic and I have NEVER experienced anything quite like this. The normal standards for whether or not a child has colic are something like the following: If more than three hours every day are spent soothing the infant to keep her from crying or fussing, if the child is gassy and constantly pulling her legs up, if no amount of soothing really seems to calm the child, and if this has been going on for three or more weeks. Medical books even describe the cry of a colicky baby and, yes, that is exactly what she sounds like. She never sleeps and she demands to be held constantly. Even when being held, bounced, swaddled with a pipe in mouth she will still fuss and carry on. It is unbearable and exhausting and I think I need a new life. (Or at the very least a shower.)

The bad news is that things will only get worse and will peak around six or seven weeks of age. The good news is that after that point things will gradually start to improve and she should be a lot more tolerable and enjoyable around twelve weeks.

There is really nothing that can be done in the meantime. All the parenting books we have looked at give the same "advice." They all say to hire someone to clean the house, to hire someone to care for the baby for a couple of hours every day so that Mom can out alone for a while, to hire a babysitter a couple evenings a week for Mom and Dad to go out, etc. Hmmm . . . Apparently only the rich are supposed to have infants with colic. Someone should have told Sylvia! They also recommend doing absolutely anything that seems to help soothe the baby. And, believe me, we have tried nearly everything!

Needless, I am very overwhelmed and I spend my days longing for Dave to get home from work so that I have someone to help me handle the baby. I love my daughter more than anything but I just don't particularly love my life right now. Things will, obviously, get better. But right now I need some really positive vibes from people! (And for those of you who call or email and I haven't managed to get back to you yet, trust me, it is not because I don't want to. It is because I can't.)

[And later today my parents meet with his urologist and will learn more regarding my dad's health. Hopefully the cancer has been caught early enough that procedures can be noninvasive and his hopes for living a cancer-free life are high.]

07 November 2008

Three Weeks Old

Today is Sylvia's three week birthday! I simply cannot believe how fast time has gone already. Here she is in one of mama's favorite outfits, given to her by her "Nana Jeanne."
This outfit is all fleece and I kind of wish I could have one like it.
The hood is the part that really cracks me up; it is just so cute!

And I even had a little, tiny bit of time to get a very minor project done. I was able to mount and frame Sylvia's 5"x7" hospital picture. This is the first "real me" thing I have done since Sylvia's birth.

And I don't want to dwell on this right now, but as everyone out there has been such a great support, I do want you to know that my dad has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. This, obviously, comes as very disheartening news. We will know more on Monday.

04 November 2008

Milestone Pictures

These are the pictures I had wanted to add to last night's blog:
Here she is sporting her 0-3 month clothing. Her shirt, picked out by Dave, says, "I'll always be Daddy's little girl."
The Tigger is hers. It was given to her as a gift at the suprise baby shower that Daddy received from work last week.
And this is her first "action" shot: She had just "rolled" from her front to her back.

And today was her second doctor's appointment. Our little girl weighed in at exactly 8 lbs. (50th percentile), 14" head circumferance (50th percentile), and 20" long (50th percentile). She is a very average little girl! [And if you noticed that her current length is the same as her birth length the assumption is that her birth length was inaccurate.] The doctor said she looks great. She is going to start receiving some prune juice every day to help cut back on the constipation but other than that she is happy, healthy and very well loved.

And I hope everyone has voted today!!!

03 November 2008


I cannot believe how big my little girl is getting already. Yesterday I gathered all her newborn clothes, washed them, and will box them. She is now officially in 0-3 month clothing and I bet within just a few weeks those will be too small already.

By the time she was just over a week old she could already completely rotate her head while lying on her stomach. I put her down on her belly and left her for a few minutes, returned and saw her facing the other way. Since then this has become a very accomplished movement and she has a lot of control of those neck muscles. I knew that the initial rolling stages were only a few days away. Well, today she successfully rolled from her stomach onto her back. Now, I am of the opinion that this is not a real "roll" as she can use her head and limbs to kind of propel herself over but it is still pretty impressive. Now we will wait and see how quickly she figures out exactly what she did and starts doing the movement with intention like turning her head.

She is also starting to focus her eyes and we can tell she is actually beginning to look at things. Pretty cool. We put in a Baby Einstein video just to see if there would be any interest there at all, or if she would even be capable of following/seeing anything on the screen. Lo and behold! Those little eyes were glued to that screen for several minutes. Then she would look away but then she'd catch something flashing across the screen again and turn her head back to "watch."

And I was going to post new photos but the internet is not cooperating tonight. That's all right. They'll be posted as soon as possible. Besides, right now she is kind of just a blob. Cute as can be, but all those pictures really just look the same. Still, I cannot help but continue to take them. She's growing so fast and I don't want to forget a minute of it!