22 November 2008

Hanging on for Dear Life

Sylvia hates baths. I mean, she really, really, really hates baths and screams bloody murder while she is receiving one. Last night she tried a new tactic at not having to take one. Dave undressed her and was about to take her into the bathroom when he looked down and she was clinging for all she was worth to Happy Clown (my absolute favorite childhood toy). Sadly, not even Happy Clown could spare her the misery.
And here is her five week picture! Yes, five weeks. She just keeps growing and growing. The outfit she is wearing is straight from Paris, thanks to the Dutch family. (Later today or tomorrow I will post pictures of our time with the Dutch family.)

This morning we are going to the Santa Clause parade in Grand Rapids. Not so much for Sylvia, more for Mom and Dad. Don't worry. We have a friend who owns a coffee shop on the parade route so we will be inside to watch; we will not expose Sylvia to frigid temperatures. And Sylvia has the cutest outfit to wear to the parade! I can't wait to see her in it and get some pictures.

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