28 November 2008


Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We had a fabulous holiday and it is rather exciting to share this time of year with a little one. Although she does not understand what is going on around her it is still so much fun. She turned six weeks today, and while I did not manage to get an actual six week picture the one of the two of us is from yesterday morning. I figure five weeks, six days is close enough! And she was wearing the most adorable outfit! It was her "Little Turkey" getup and it was just too cute.
And our daughter is really beginning to become responsive. Yesterday morning she smiled and cooed at me. It is so rewarding to finally have her respond to us. It makes my job a little more special when my child can "show" her appreciation. She is beginning to take real interest in objects and I can finally shake a rattle in front of her and she will watch and follow with interest. (See picture above.)
And this is her first dress. I just thought she was so stinkin' cute that I simply had to take a picture. She is so beautiful.

Today we went into Grand Rapids to visit another one of my favorite stores. For the first time in two months I was able to attend a cardmaking workshop. This was very good for me as it reminded me that I am still me and I do still have my own interests and hobbies. Of course, I am very eager to be able to share my crafting hobby with Sylvia and can hardly wait for her to get old enough to join me in cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc. It will be a few more years, though!


Lindsey said...

She is SOOO cute! :D - As if you DIDN'T know that! ;)

Ria said...

I wished I could be there with you!Lots of love, Ria