03 November 2008


I cannot believe how big my little girl is getting already. Yesterday I gathered all her newborn clothes, washed them, and will box them. She is now officially in 0-3 month clothing and I bet within just a few weeks those will be too small already.

By the time she was just over a week old she could already completely rotate her head while lying on her stomach. I put her down on her belly and left her for a few minutes, returned and saw her facing the other way. Since then this has become a very accomplished movement and she has a lot of control of those neck muscles. I knew that the initial rolling stages were only a few days away. Well, today she successfully rolled from her stomach onto her back. Now, I am of the opinion that this is not a real "roll" as she can use her head and limbs to kind of propel herself over but it is still pretty impressive. Now we will wait and see how quickly she figures out exactly what she did and starts doing the movement with intention like turning her head.

She is also starting to focus her eyes and we can tell she is actually beginning to look at things. Pretty cool. We put in a Baby Einstein video just to see if there would be any interest there at all, or if she would even be capable of following/seeing anything on the screen. Lo and behold! Those little eyes were glued to that screen for several minutes. Then she would look away but then she'd catch something flashing across the screen again and turn her head back to "watch."

And I was going to post new photos but the internet is not cooperating tonight. That's all right. They'll be posted as soon as possible. Besides, right now she is kind of just a blob. Cute as can be, but all those pictures really just look the same. Still, I cannot help but continue to take them. She's growing so fast and I don't want to forget a minute of it!

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