04 November 2008

Milestone Pictures

These are the pictures I had wanted to add to last night's blog:
Here she is sporting her 0-3 month clothing. Her shirt, picked out by Dave, says, "I'll always be Daddy's little girl."
The Tigger is hers. It was given to her as a gift at the suprise baby shower that Daddy received from work last week.
And this is her first "action" shot: She had just "rolled" from her front to her back.

And today was her second doctor's appointment. Our little girl weighed in at exactly 8 lbs. (50th percentile), 14" head circumferance (50th percentile), and 20" long (50th percentile). She is a very average little girl! [And if you noticed that her current length is the same as her birth length the assumption is that her birth length was inaccurate.] The doctor said she looks great. She is going to start receiving some prune juice every day to help cut back on the constipation but other than that she is happy, healthy and very well loved.

And I hope everyone has voted today!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!! :) Massage her belly in a horseshoe shape around her belly button and that helps constipation too. Just a trick we've learned :)

Stephanie said...

I love her! It's so cute that she's smaller than the Tigger

Julia said...

Hi! Now that we are back online and in our new home in Columbia, MO, home of Mizzou (Yea, Tigers!), I am finally able to catch up on all of your news. I can completely relate to the disappointment of one's child not resembling oneself--neither of my first two resembled me and everyone seemed to think they needed to point out that they looked "just like his/her father!!!" (in one case, while I was still in recovery . . . ugh!). Rest assured, her personality will be all hers and, eventually, so will her looks. Hopefully by the time she is asserting her independence, dying one's hair with koolaid will be out (but there is sure to be something equally as obnoxious to take its place). It is funny, though, all of my children show resemblance to me in different ways now that they are older--even Daryn and Cassi (who no longer look "just like his/her father!!!").