14 November 2008

Old Man Pants

Sylvia is four weeks old already-- nearly a full month. I thought I would try out a cute pair of jeans to see if they fit her yet. They are listed as a 0-3 month item, and while some of those clothes are still too big for her, I thought perhaps these pants would fit. They looked small enough! Needless to say, they fit her like old man pants. She didn't seem to too pleased:
Olivia, one of our kittens, tries desperately to get Sylvia to pet her. Of all of our cats she is the only one to do this. I can almost hear her kitten mind in action, "You have all the right equipment, why aren't you petting?!?!" This picture is from one of her most recent attempts.
And my dad . . . He has a "moderately angry" prostrate cancer and will have surgery to have the organ removed January 12. Radiation, while technically an option, is not really an option for him. It is possible to do surgery and then radiation afterward, if needed, but it is not always possible to do radiation and then surgery. As he is so young, if that cancer should return or not go away from the radiation he may not be able to have surgery to try and rid his body of it-- seems like a pretty serious risk at only 54.


Kim said...

Absolutely cute pics! Hope you are feeling well and are getting some more rest! I am very sorry to hear about your Dad; I will keep him in prayers.

Lindsey said...

Hahahaha! Old man pants! lol

Stephanie said...

Have I told you lately how much I love that baby???