16 July 2011

Too Funny (a.k.a. Sock Humor)

Sylvia loves socks.  She loves to tell you what is on her socks.  She loves to undo a pair of socks from the little bundle I make them into when folding laundry.  She loves to pull them all out of her drawer, take them apart and bring them to bed with her.  She loves to put on several pair at a time.  Sylvia loves socks.

The other night when we went in to change her before going to bed we found her with 16 pair of socks on her feet!  16 PAIR, 32 SOCKS total!  They were not all matching pairs, and I was impressed that she had the exact same number on both feet.
Part of the reason that Sylvia likes putting socks on so much is that it is one fine motor activity that she "gets."  She knows how to put on socks and it gives her a sense of independence.  She also thinks it's funny.  Fortunately, we caught her before she had two feet that had fallen asleep!

14 July 2011

All About "Little Guy"

Early last week I had the amniocentesis to check for the genetic disease "owned" by both Dave and Sylvia.  We also always have a basic chromosome analysis done to check for other common genetic mutations.  Typically we have results from the basic chromosome count the day following the amnio.  This year, however, they decided to run a full analysis of the chromosomes, resulting in a 7-10 day waiting period for results.  (Please keep in mind that the results for VHL testing take 4-6 weeks.)

These pictures are from the ultrasound that takes place prior to the amnio.  Baby looked good and baby was active!  We have always had active children during ultrasounds but I do not believe we have had one this active before.  It was kind of fun to watch but it also terrified me as we really needed baby to calm down before they put a huge needle inside of me and within millimeters of my baby!  Fortunately, by the time of the amnio, baby was sleeping soundly.  (Phew!)  The tech had a hard time getting a decent measurement of anything and the best information she could give was that baby was weighing in at about 5 oz.  This was a good weight for baby's gestational age.  We got a guess to baby's gender, but again, with that much movement there was never the opportunity to really see things clearly.  The tech said that while baby looked one way, she was hesitant to give any kind of an affirmation.  Having seen over 30 ultrasounds myself I agreed with her gender prediction but also understood why she was hesitant to offer confirmation-- this kid was simply unable to keep still for even one instant!

Today I contacted the high risk maternity office and learned that results were in from the amnio and that the genetics counselor would be giving me a call later in the afternoon.  Baby's chromosome count came back normal!  This news makes Dave and me so happy.  Additionally, we got confirmation that we are about to welcome into our home another girl!  Dave and I were not surprised and excited to learn at the ultrasound that it looked like we had another daughter on the way.  And much like when we were expecting Veda, we once again have a girl name picked out but had no clue as to what we would name a son.  And, yeah, I realize the name Little Guy doesn't really make sense, but I don't want to change it.  It is how I have been referring to her for a few months already.  (And I really hate the word "gal.")  Perhaps we will start calling her "LG."  That would work for me, but in my heart she will always be my Little Guy.

12 July 2011

Summer Moves Forward

Summer is plodding forward this year.  It has been a rough one.  There has been so much rain and once the rain clears, the mosquitoes appear.  This may be our worst mosquito year to date.  We have stuff we put in our ponds and we try to tip over any standing water, but when you live in a wetland there is only so much that can be done.  We can't drain the woods!  So, to the girls, getting to play outdoors is a special treat.  Sad, but true.
But we have been making it work.  We have plenty of indoor activities and the girls always seem to create new ones.  Whether or not they are always mom-approved is another story!  A few weeks ago the kids wanted an impromptu fashion shoot with a new chair that Grandma had brought.  Above and below are the results.
Sylvia is the hardest to get on camera now.  (As I can no longer say "on film!")  She does this quick 2 sec. pose and then comes rushing over to look at herself on the camera screen.  No matter how many times or in how many ways I try to explain to her that she needs to wait a little longer (until after she hears the "click"), she still rushes prematurely to get a glimpse of the photograph that wasn't taken yet or that shows a single arm rushing from the shot.
Veda is an absolute scream sometimes.  She currently loves cars and trucks.  She loves making them go "beep, beep" and she also has this really deep growl/gurgle for engine noise.  But her girly-ness comes through when she insists on making sure that someone is always driving the vehicle.  It needn't necessarily be a person, a chicken will do!  And, in fact, sometimes only the chicken will do, as was the case in the above incident.  She desperately wanted that chicken driving this construction truck, but the chicken kept flying out of it.  She would get so angry.  So, I would try and be helpful and put a person in instead, as the person could be secured inside the vehicle.  Well, that made her even MORE angry!  So, she spent about twenty minutes driving and then yelling at the chicken and shoving her back in the truck and then driving again.
And this is Sylvia's play.  She is very interested in making family connections.  Everywhere we go there is a baby (or "Za-Za," what she calls herself) and a mama.  "Za-Za" and mama always "match," as is in the above picture.  The big pony/horse is the mama and the little horse is "Za-Za."  The white furry bear is the daddy and the little jaguar is "Baby" (in this case she means Veda).  And, yes, she really calls herself "Za-Za."

That is really about it for the news around here.  We will have more concerning Little Guy soon, but for now just enjoy the antics of the older two!