14 July 2011

All About "Little Guy"

Early last week I had the amniocentesis to check for the genetic disease "owned" by both Dave and Sylvia.  We also always have a basic chromosome analysis done to check for other common genetic mutations.  Typically we have results from the basic chromosome count the day following the amnio.  This year, however, they decided to run a full analysis of the chromosomes, resulting in a 7-10 day waiting period for results.  (Please keep in mind that the results for VHL testing take 4-6 weeks.)

These pictures are from the ultrasound that takes place prior to the amnio.  Baby looked good and baby was active!  We have always had active children during ultrasounds but I do not believe we have had one this active before.  It was kind of fun to watch but it also terrified me as we really needed baby to calm down before they put a huge needle inside of me and within millimeters of my baby!  Fortunately, by the time of the amnio, baby was sleeping soundly.  (Phew!)  The tech had a hard time getting a decent measurement of anything and the best information she could give was that baby was weighing in at about 5 oz.  This was a good weight for baby's gestational age.  We got a guess to baby's gender, but again, with that much movement there was never the opportunity to really see things clearly.  The tech said that while baby looked one way, she was hesitant to give any kind of an affirmation.  Having seen over 30 ultrasounds myself I agreed with her gender prediction but also understood why she was hesitant to offer confirmation-- this kid was simply unable to keep still for even one instant!

Today I contacted the high risk maternity office and learned that results were in from the amnio and that the genetics counselor would be giving me a call later in the afternoon.  Baby's chromosome count came back normal!  This news makes Dave and me so happy.  Additionally, we got confirmation that we are about to welcome into our home another girl!  Dave and I were not surprised and excited to learn at the ultrasound that it looked like we had another daughter on the way.  And much like when we were expecting Veda, we once again have a girl name picked out but had no clue as to what we would name a son.  And, yeah, I realize the name Little Guy doesn't really make sense, but I don't want to change it.  It is how I have been referring to her for a few months already.  (And I really hate the word "gal.")  Perhaps we will start calling her "LG."  That would work for me, but in my heart she will always be my Little Guy.


EllenToo said...

I am so glad to hear that baby's chromosome count was normal.

Ria said...

I like to be scrapping in PINK ofcourse. But I'm very happy she is well and I will be very happy to welcome her in our family. As I read it, knowing about VHL takes some more weeks, so I hope that will be alright also.
Lots of love to all of you and take care, Ria

Stephanie said...

Your little girls are so beautiful, might as well keep a good thing going! Plus you have little girl stuff. I'm so excited for you and glad the genetics look good. Praying for more good news in several weeks. She will be perfect no matter what! P.s. I think Little Girl would be as cute as Little Guy for a nickname but Little Guy is pretty fun to say! Hope you can make it in to the store next week! Or soon at least. :)