16 July 2011

Too Funny (a.k.a. Sock Humor)

Sylvia loves socks.  She loves to tell you what is on her socks.  She loves to undo a pair of socks from the little bundle I make them into when folding laundry.  She loves to pull them all out of her drawer, take them apart and bring them to bed with her.  She loves to put on several pair at a time.  Sylvia loves socks.

The other night when we went in to change her before going to bed we found her with 16 pair of socks on her feet!  16 PAIR, 32 SOCKS total!  They were not all matching pairs, and I was impressed that she had the exact same number on both feet.
Part of the reason that Sylvia likes putting socks on so much is that it is one fine motor activity that she "gets."  She knows how to put on socks and it gives her a sense of independence.  She also thinks it's funny.  Fortunately, we caught her before she had two feet that had fallen asleep!


Stepher said...

Wahahaha!!! I love that kiddo.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I love the socks!!! how cute!

Emma has taken to this new trend of wearing mismatched socks (but only 1 on each foot). Maybe Sylvia is onto the next trend ;)