31 March 2011

Cow Invasion!

This past Saturday morning I was looking out the window admiring several deer in our backyard.  There were about nine of them grazing and they all seemed so peaceful.  It was very serene.  And then all of those relaxed deer started to tense up a little and then I saw them begin to swiftly walk east.  I went up to the window for a closer look.  I saw what looked like a large deer begin to come out of the woods, but as the animal drew more fully into the open I saw that this was no deer.  This was a large and kind of shaggy cow!

Our yard was invaded by four cows.  These large animals casually traipsed through our backyard and then through our side yard where Sylvia got to watch them (with glee!) from her bedroom window.  Finally they rounded to the front of our house and eventually walked down our driveway and out onto the street.  The last I saw they had crossed the road and had wandered into the woods.

We are not sure where they came from, but we think they must have gotten loose from a hobby farm.  I tried calling the sheriff's office, but the first number I called gave me this recorded message:  "The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected . . "  The second number I tried calling gave me this message:  "We are currently closed.  Our regular business hours are . . ."

Yep.  Life in the country is never dull.

Oh!  And both our girls can now tell you what a cow says, "Mmmmmm!"  (Because, yes, Veda imitates her sister before she will imitate us.)

28 March 2011

Pajama Trends

Veda does not know how to wear her pajamas.  She never has and at this point I am beginning to suspect that she never will.  Every single morning when I go in to get her she has her pajamas on incorrectly.  Often both legs are caught in the body of her pajamas and the legs hang empty.  Sometimes she has both legs stuffed down her left leg.  Other times she has her left leg in her left pant leg but her right leg is caught in the body. And sometimes she has her right leg in her left pant leg and her left leg caught in the body.

But probably the look she is most proud of is when she can manage to get her left leg in her right pant leg and her right leg in her left pant leg.  See above and below.
And if you think this was a one time occurrence, you are mistaken:

05 March 2011

More of What I Do

I suppose I wanted to "toot my own horn" but I thought I would share what I made Daxton and Veda for their first birthdays.  The above is a sweater vest and matching bow tie I made Dax.  I think he looks rather handsome in this set:
And for the Vedabug I made her a cabled owl sweater:
It would be really adorable if I sewed buttons on all the owl eyes, but I am not certain that is such a good idea for a child still young enough to want to eat carpet fiber from the floor.  I could also embroider the owl faces, but that just sounded like too much work and my embroidery is not very good.  The bottom line is that I like the sweater as is, and I am proud of it, and if I attempt to do anything else to it I may not like it as much.  Besides, she still looks pretty gosh darn cute in it.  Cute enough, in fact, that she had her one year pictures taken today wearing this sweater.