31 March 2011

Cow Invasion!

This past Saturday morning I was looking out the window admiring several deer in our backyard.  There were about nine of them grazing and they all seemed so peaceful.  It was very serene.  And then all of those relaxed deer started to tense up a little and then I saw them begin to swiftly walk east.  I went up to the window for a closer look.  I saw what looked like a large deer begin to come out of the woods, but as the animal drew more fully into the open I saw that this was no deer.  This was a large and kind of shaggy cow!

Our yard was invaded by four cows.  These large animals casually traipsed through our backyard and then through our side yard where Sylvia got to watch them (with glee!) from her bedroom window.  Finally they rounded to the front of our house and eventually walked down our driveway and out onto the street.  The last I saw they had crossed the road and had wandered into the woods.

We are not sure where they came from, but we think they must have gotten loose from a hobby farm.  I tried calling the sheriff's office, but the first number I called gave me this recorded message:  "The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected . . "  The second number I tried calling gave me this message:  "We are currently closed.  Our regular business hours are . . ."

Yep.  Life in the country is never dull.

Oh!  And both our girls can now tell you what a cow says, "Mmmmmm!"  (Because, yes, Veda imitates her sister before she will imitate us.)

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JV said...

Good thing you weren't having a home invasion or something instead of a placid group of cows traipsing across your property! Not that this was an emergency, but do you at least have 911 service that a neighboring police agency or state police would be monitoring in case you need help outside of the sheriff's business hours?