28 March 2011

Pajama Trends

Veda does not know how to wear her pajamas.  She never has and at this point I am beginning to suspect that she never will.  Every single morning when I go in to get her she has her pajamas on incorrectly.  Often both legs are caught in the body of her pajamas and the legs hang empty.  Sometimes she has both legs stuffed down her left leg.  Other times she has her left leg in her left pant leg but her right leg is caught in the body. And sometimes she has her right leg in her left pant leg and her left leg caught in the body.

But probably the look she is most proud of is when she can manage to get her left leg in her right pant leg and her right leg in her left pant leg.  See above and below.
And if you think this was a one time occurrence, you are mistaken:


Stepher said...

"Oh no" :)

Sigrid said...

oh my gosh, that's too funny. What would even make her think to do that? Cutie pie.

Suanne said...

I am thinking a futue fashionista! or maybe the hokey pokey is what is all about... Veda knows.