11 August 2011

Over Half Way There!

Dave and I attended the wedding of a dear old friend of mine two weeks ago.  It was a gorgeous wedding on the beaches of Lake Michigan.  Here are the two of us enjoying the beach, enjoying the hot weather and our feet in the cool water, and also enjoying being over half way to LG's debut!

I had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and LG continues to look great!  She is growing well and I am becoming more and more uncomfortable as she kicks and squirms and does whatever else she does to occupy herself.  Heartburn has finally set in with full force, the back pain is beginning and my energy level is beginning to decrease.  But I am not complaining.  I am thrilled that LG is doing well and that I am doing well too.  The normal aches and pains of pregnancy are welcomed by me and I remain optimistic that maybe, just maybe, this pregnancy will be smooth and without major complications.

We did learn late last week that the genetic testing came back positive.  LG has VHL.  While this is not our first choice for any of our children, we are comfortable with the results.  We gave a lot of thought and consideration and ran through a number of "what if" situations before we even considered having children.  We know that some unique trials and struggles are in our future, but every parent is faced with this same possibility.  We feel fortunate that we already have an advance notice.

And right now we are just thankful for my health, LG's health and are eager for the day we get to meet our newest little girl.

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