13 August 2011

The Vedabug

At some time, quite a while ago now, we condensed the name for our second daughter to "Vedabug" (coming from Lovebug and Veda).  And this seems to suit her to perfection.  To me, Vedabug conjures images of utter cuteness combined with an often shockingly subtle approach followed by a quick sharp sting.  For example, she sits in wait for her sister to leave her crackers unattended.  And then she ever so quietly, and without drawing any notice to herself, maneuvers to the bowl of crackers left on the table.  Sometimes she gets lucky and quickly scarfs whatever is left.  But if she reaches her prize and discovers the bowl empty she looks up with this look of shock and disbelief and gives me a look that screams, "I have been cheated!"

Veda is doing well, very well.  She had her 18 month wellness check recently and she looked great.  She is still somewhat small, weighing about 21 1/2 lbs. and reaching nearly 32" in length, but statistically she has leveled off and remains very consistent from one appointment to the next.  She has a very sharp sort of personality.  She is so laid back about a lot of stuff and then there will be something that will just totally turn her inside out and topsy turvy.  She is happy and I think all is well and then before I can even begin to guess what has gone wrong she is angry-- and I mean ANGRY.  She cools off quickly (unlike her sister) but when her temper flares, it is sometimes best to stand clear.  Veda will fight with me and insist on her way in a manner that Sylvia has never done.  Sometimes it really can just come down to strength:  I am larger, the purse is mine, and I will remove that purse from your little body no matter how much you clench and scream "MINE, MINE, MINE!"

Are these "bad traits?"  Not necessarily.  I have told her many times that she had better get control of her anger now because it is just not worth the expenditure of energy.  She does not yet seem to understand this.  And I suspect it will take a very long time before she will.  But I really admire her fight.  She will not let someone take her down, no matter how big or strong or powerful they may be.  She will stand up for herself.  At least, this is the aspect of her personality that I hope to encourage.  She has a strong will, both of my girls do, but I love seeing how they exert themselves in ways that are totally unique to them.

I am so in love with my children.  They are each so different and vibrant.  They make me smile and laugh while at the same time giving me endless amounts of frustration.  There are points during every single day that I am ready to pull my hair out.  But then I turn around and Sylvia tries to tell me, actually vocalizes the words (such a tremendous feat for her), she's sorry and that she loves me.  And Vedabug comes to me and pulls my leg and stares up at me with these big, blue, pleading eyes and says "Up."  And after lifting her she gives me a hug and then buries her little head in my shoulder.  I am not sure it is possible to love anything or anyone as much as I do my little girls.

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I love your positive attitude about their personality traits. I love your description of Veda's silent but striking way. It reminds me so much of when my kids were younger.

I have to say my daughter was a struggle when she was young. She was so independent and did not want one suggestion from me. I dreaded taking her places for fear of what behaviors might erupt. Now at almost 12 she's a delight. I knew she had it in her, it just took awhile for her to learn to manage her emotions, and stubbornness and intuitive nature to balance it out into a wonderful young lady. It happens, sometimes when you least expect it to.