07 November 2008

Three Weeks Old

Today is Sylvia's three week birthday! I simply cannot believe how fast time has gone already. Here she is in one of mama's favorite outfits, given to her by her "Nana Jeanne."
This outfit is all fleece and I kind of wish I could have one like it.
The hood is the part that really cracks me up; it is just so cute!

And I even had a little, tiny bit of time to get a very minor project done. I was able to mount and frame Sylvia's 5"x7" hospital picture. This is the first "real me" thing I have done since Sylvia's birth.

And I don't want to dwell on this right now, but as everyone out there has been such a great support, I do want you to know that my dad has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. This, obviously, comes as very disheartening news. We will know more on Monday.


Lindsey said...

She really is too cute

Ria said...

I'm looking forwards to make the pictures about 4 weeks old by myself!!
Lots of love and see you next week, Ria