06 February 2009

Head Results and First Nude Shots

Well, we have finally done it. We have taken nudie pictures of our daughter. My mom got some of her first bath, but Dave and I have never actually taken any bath pictures of her. But the other night she was just too cute and she is getting so chunky and there is just something about those rolls of baby fat that cries to be photographed. And so . . . See above.

Sylvia and I were at Mary Free Bed yesterday to have her head examined and the end of the very long story is that her head is pretty gosh darn good and no helmet is needed. Yay! Her head is indeed flat but it is flat above an invisible line that runs across the back of the skull. As long as this flatness occurs above that line then there is no reason for concern. If the flatness is beneath then there can be problems with nerve endings in the brain and this would need to be corrected. We are very thankful.

Below are what we are using as her three month pictures (plus one other black and white one that I posted a little while ago and she is wearing a different outfit). These were taken courtesy of some great friends and after Catie did some editing and I did some more editing, this is what we got:

This picture looks like it should be hanging in the hallway of a 1950's home.

And this is the colorized verson of the same.

And this is her "full body" shot.

Isn't she beautiful? We think so!


Stephanie said...

Oh so Smiley!!
I love her butt, it's darling.

Stepher said...

Glad to hear the good news! They could have asked me and I would have been able to tell them that her head is fine. Her momma's head. . . not so much. ;)
I'm missing the little pumpkin and need to find a date to come visit.