23 February 2009

Four Month Checkup

Sylvia had her four month Wellness Check today and we are happy to report that she is a very healthy baby girl. The doctor was impressed by the fact that when he walked into the room she was able to look at him a couple of times and she was grabbing and playing with Dave's fingers. She had more shots again today and these actually went better than at her last appointment. She screamed for a bit but nothing too bad.

And for her statistics: She is still long and thin. She is 13lbs 3oz. (still 50th percentile), 25.5" long (still 90th percentile) and her head circumference is 15.75" (still 50th percentile). For those of you who know little about baby clothing sizes, this puts her in a very difficult position. Her 3-6 month clothing is beginning to be too short, but the 6-9 month clothing just hangs on her. In fact, a lot of her 3-6 month clothing still hangs on her (which generally goes up to 16-17 lbs.). What I have found, however, is that two piece outfits work great. The pants generally run a little longer (if not a little large in the waist!).

We are just so happy that our daughter is happy and healthy. She is so precious and such a miracle. We are very thankful.


Lindsey said...

YEAH! I love Sylvia- she is so precious and it is good to know she is healthy! :D

Ria said...

It is really wonderfull to hear she is doing so well. And tall and thin? Well her father is the same, but being healthy is the most important thing to be.
I always love the pictures on the blog and she is getting cuter every time with those bright eyes and red hair.
Lots of love, Ria

Stepher said...

Uncle Joe saw the pics of Sylvia and his comment was, "She's really coming along." I thought that was cute. You guys should come over so he can see her again. It's probably been since Christmas since he last saw her.