20 February 2009

Top 100 Nightmare Come True

Last week Thursday one of my greatest fears came true: Getting stranded on the interstate alone. The only thing that could have made it worse was to be in the dark. Fortunately, is was late afternoon and we still had light.

I was driving home from an afternoon of "me time" while my sister watched Sylvia. I was almost home when suddenly my car just stopped. It just quit, and I had to coast to the shoulder. I sat on the interstate and placed a couple of phone calls to people to A. Find me a towing company and B. To give me a ride home.

After these initials calls I was able to start my car and it ran long enough to at least get me off the interstate and onto country road. For some reason this made me feel a lot better. I had two wonderful men show up to give me a ride home, Dave and our friend, Phil, came. And I was able to arrange the towing and mechanic without a problem.

In the end it was a VERY costly repair: My alternator was indeed bad. And so, a towing fee and a new alternator later we are much poorer but at least I have a working car and I faced one of my greatest fears!


Stephanie said...

That is scary!!
I'm glad you are safe and sound.

Lindsey said...

Wow... why didn't I know this?! Glad everything was okay.