30 September 2008

Wedding Pictures

As promised earlier today, here are a few wedding pictures:
The Bride & Groom: Stephanie and Joe before the wedding.
The Parents of the Bride: My mom and dad before the wedding.

Bridesmaid: My sister, Rosco (ummm . . . Lindsey), before the wedding.
The Big Moment: Stepher dismounting the carriage.
Bride and Groom in Prayer: Right after vows were taken.

Cake Fight: This is what I would NOT allow Dave to do at our wedding!
Master & Mistress of Ceremonies: Dave made it for the entire reception, and I survived the entire day (and week) at nine months pregnant! (And then I spent the next two days recovering.)

1 comment:

babystephanie said...

You look so beautiful!
Everyone does really, but that glowing Mama face...what a nice photo of the both of you.
And I love Stephanie's dress! Beautiful!