09 September 2008

The Nesting Instinct

Today I got hit with the "nesting instinct" bug. I went online and ordered several of the remaining we-need-to-have-this-in-the-house-when-the-baby-arrives items. Once those come we will have all the necessary equipment for when Sylvia first comes home. There is, of course, a lot more that we need but all the immediate must-haves are now taken care of.

I also got out all our autumn/halloween decorations. I know this sounds silly as it is not even mid-Setember yet, but Dave's favorite holiday is Halloween and he would have been VERY sad had I not managed to get all those decorations up this year. So, I thought better to get it done now than hazard the chance that Sylvia comes early and not be able to do it at all. Our Halloween village is what is pictured.

I also cleaned the whole house, organized a closet (again), found our cake cutter and server from our wedding for my sister to borrow for hers, got together my sister and to-be-brother-in-law's wedding present, also got together my cousin's wedding present, packaged some eBay items for customers, made spaghetti sauce (which we then ate for dinner with a fresh-made loaf of bread with locally harvested honey and blueberries), and managed to do some other basic "tidying up" type things. Needless, I am exhausted and can now hardly move but I certainly feel accomplished for the day!

The following are all animal pictures. The one of the cats on the table was taken by Dave yesterday morning. We had some huge insect in the house and he said that when he first came into the kitchen ALL NINE cats currently living with us were on the table to get a good look at this little visitor. By the time he got the camera only five remained. And the deer picture is actually of the same fawns that I captured on "film" and posted on the blog only a few weeks ago. They have grown so much! Just another reminder that time is moving forward-- and our daughter's birth becomes more and more imminent.

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Ria said...

Hi Valerie,
Some more weeks to go and you look wonderfull. It is good to read your blog, every time I do enjoy your writings.
We're looking forwards to meet Sylvia.
Lots of love from your Dutch family.