30 September 2008

Wedding and Neonatal Updates

My sister's wedding was this past Friday. The weather was perfect, all went smoothly, and I think Stepher and Joe had a good time. Now, I am just jealous of her: She's in Disney World and NOT pregnant! If I get the chance (and our Internet is cooperating) I will post a few pictures of the festive event a little later.

Yesterday I met with the Neonatalogist. It was a wonderful visit-- almost a waste of time, in a good way. He was explaining that a time not that long ago they would have taken Sylvia away from me and ran all her tests and kept her in neonatal, BUT they don't like to separate baby from mama unless baby really would not survive without the intensive care that neonatal offers. And so . . . He is planning on having me deliver in the normal maternity ward, Sylvia will stay with me, and her tests will be performed either by a pediatric urology specialist in the pediatric unit OR if peds is uncomfortable doing it then neonatal will. He is also going to have her undergo a little more intense monitoring than normal, but nothing invasive. Just more frequent heart rate and blood pressure checks, etc. But hopefully everything will come back normal, and if it does, then she gets to go home when I do! We are so very, very happy! [Our social worker did give me a tour of the neonatal floor and went over our rights as parents and visitor guidelines, etc. with me just in case we should find ourselves there in a few weeks. So, we are prepared, just in case.]

Now, if only she would be born!

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