03 September 2008

Big and Growing!

So, here is that promised most recent pregnancy picture of myself. As you can see, I am getting quite large and I can almost see the difference on a day-to-day basis. Sylvia continues to be very active but her movements are no longer just little kicks and punches. I can now feel (and see!) her moving across me on the inside. Kind of freaky, actually. And when I lie in bed I can often find a little leg or foot and push on it, and she will move or kick in protest.

And today we got our "Congratulations" letter from the state letting us know that we are indeed poor enough to qualify for Healthy Kids (a Michigan Medicaid program for pregnant women and children). Normally this would be a point of sorrow, but Dave and I are thrilled as right now this minute we do not have health insurance. So just in case anything should happen between now and when our benefits kick in with Dave's new job, we are still covered. Phew!


Lindsey said...

I am getting more and more excited to meet her! :D

babystephanie said...

You look so cute!