11 September 2008

A Great Day!

I had a great visit at Maternal Fetal Medicine today! Sylvia was a little stinker, though, and did not want us to see her face or get any cute pictures of her so I am afraid the two I have included are very hard to see what you are looking at (and most of you won't), and are not very exciting. But that is beside the point.

Sylvia weighs in at 5lbs. 2oz. This puts her in the 52nd percentile for her gestational age. Average is great for our baby! Her growth looks to be progressing very well and no new red flags were seen today. Her heart continues to look good and the most problematic element right now, her kidneys, appear to show no change. This is actually a good thing. The doctor explained that when you just look at the kidneys they appear normal, but when you measure them they reveal how large they are in comparison to what they should be. Still, looking normal probably means no cysts and indicates that they are most likely functioning. Yay!!! We also got to see her practice breathing during the scan and this is a very good indication that if she were born today she would probably be breathing entirely on her own within a few short days.

I have a consult with a neonatal doctor on the 29th this month. At this meeting the doctor will tell me what tests they intend to perform immediately following Sylvia's birth and what actions would be taken if they happen to see something abnormal. Given our last two visits, however, we have every reason to believe that everything will prove normal and functioning and her stay at the NICU should be very short.

I then return to Maternal Fetal for yet another growth and anatomy scan on the 7th of October (today wasn't my last one, afterall) and they will also do a cervical check on me. They really want to monitor those kidneys and, while not a normal procedure anymore, they also want to keep tabs on how I am effacing and dilating. Given the distance we are from the hospital and the fact that Sylvia will be a NICU patient, if they happen to see that I am "ripe" at a visit (either with Maternal Fetal or with my regular OB), then they may want to keep me and try to induce. Not my first option, but I will, of course, do whatever they feel is best.

After getting home today I felt so happy that I was willing to have Sylvia and me go through a little photo-shoot. Those are the above shots. I also picked out her outfit for her hospital picture. (But I am not sharing what it looks like, because that will have to be a surprise.)

And so . . . Her most recent pics. The first one is a picture of her ear. Look for the bright white part and then on the top of it you can see an ear shape. The second one is a profile shot again, but not a very good one. The only time we saw any of her face was when they first stuck the wand on me and this picture is from then. Immediately following, she promptly rolled over and stuck her face into my uterus. (Like I said, bad pictures this time, but a great report!)

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