01 September 2008

32+ Weeks

Last week I had my 32 week check-up. All looks and sounds good. Sylvia's heartbeat continues to be a steady 150 bpm. The muscle relaxant they prescribed me has done wonders for the pain and has allowed me to get some sleep! My pain has been so great because my wonderful daughter has decided that my right side is the most comfy place to be and has refused to move from there for the last couple of months. Now that she is around five pounds, that is a lot of weight to be carrying on just one side; hence, constant pain and soreness on that side. The doctor, while checking me out last week, noticed that my uterus was indeed very stretched out on the right side and then informed me that even after I have completely healed from the pregnancy (in 2.5 years!), the right side of my uterus will always be stretched and out of shape. I guess Sylvia just really wants to leave her mark (as if she won't leave enough of them!).

Next week I have three different doctor's appointments, and one will include what will hopefully be my final ultrasound. At this appointment we can only hope and assume that they will confirm everything they found to NOT be wrong at my last appointment: Kidneys are still functioning, heart looks good, etc. It will also be strange to see my daughter one last time via technology before getting to actually meet her in person.

Otherwise, things seem to be going well with the pregnancy. I am feeling very unlike myself, as though I have been invaded and "Valerie" is no longer present. I worry that I may never return. I do worry that from now until Sylvia is grown and out of the house I will never get to be me again. I suppose, though, this is a normal fear. [And I will post another picture of me sometime soon. Rest assured, I am getting HUGE and am not exactly eager to be friends with the camera right now!]

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day and we will keep you posted!


Lindsey said...

Oh Valerie, you will always be yourself. There will be times you may be more "mom" than "Valerie" but that's part of the job you, um... "signed up for?!" haha... Hope all is well with Sylvia looking forward to meeting her!

babystephanie said...

Can't wait to meet her!