07 October 2008

Healthy Baby, but Still in the Womb

Today's visit went well. I finally met the fourth doctor in the clinic (incidentally she is my actual attending physician) and so now I know all the doctors who may deliver my child. We are not inducing. At least, not yet. Last night I mentioned to Dave that I wasn't sure I wanted to induce and he said that was fine with him. His only concern is being in Saginaw when labor happens (which is kind of likely), but I am very confident he will make it to the hospital in plenty of time to attend the birth.

They did not see any urgent need to induce, which is good. Her kidneys, while the technician forgot to measure them today, are still large. Previously they have never been large enough to make her entire abdomen in the above-average range but today her abdomen was measuring large. But ALL of her was measuring large: She came in at 7lbs. 14oz.! The doctor is thinking this measurement may not be entirely accurate because only less than four weeks ago she was in the 51st percentile and today she had jumped to the 77th percentile! While not impossible, it is not likely that a baby who has always measured very average in size to suddenly measure well above average in size.

The sonographer spent a lot of time with the 3D scan today. That was pretty cool. Sylvia continued to be a bit of a stinker, though, and would never show her entire face. What you see below is a closed eye and a nose smushed by a foot. Yes, on the left side of the picture is a foot, and an arm is covering her little lips. (She has run out of room!) And the above picture is an ear, an adorable little ear.

On the whole all looks good. They still have some concerns and as a result they want to continue to see me for sure on a weekly basis for the duration of my pregnancy and I will no longer be visiting my regular OB. But that is all right. And on the issue of when she may arrive-- Well, the doctor said the same thing as my regular OB last week: "It could be any time!"

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