29 October 2008

Halloween Part I

Sylvia has a lot of Halloween stuff to wear so today was Halloween Part I. Look for additional segments over the next two days!
Here she is with "Oma" (my mom) in a cute pumpkin onesie from "Grandma" (Dave's mom).
I am getting a little disheartened; her hair is turning more and more strawberry blond like her daddy's. If her eyes become a grey-blue then no one will ever believe that she is my daughter! Dave says that she will act like me, though.
And here she is in an adorable cat hat and bib set from her "Uncle Phil."


babystephanie said...

I love it! Now she really can fit in with the others looking all like a kitty.
I can't wait to meet her, soon.

Lindsey said...

Too cute! Yup, that's my niece!

SUSAN said...

She's just adorably, wonderfully cute!

hauchfamily said...

Believe it or not, Noelen's hair was red for a short time...so maybe there's hope for her! She's so adorable!!!