16 October 2008

The Great, the Good and the Bad

The great news is that Sylvia is doing very well. The NST revealed a VERY active baby with a great heart rate. She seems to be quite happy.

The good news is that I was not hospitalized today.

The bad news is that my body is not handling pregnancy well at all.

My blood pressure is SKY high. It was so high during the NST that the numbers were flashing and beeps were coming from the machine-- very exciting! I, therefore, had to stick around and speak with the doctor (the same one we saw in the elevator a couple of weeks ago) after the test. The first thing the doctor asked, "Where is your husband?" Hmmm . . . Not starting off on the right foot here. I told him Saginaw, and he said, "Well, depending on what your blood tests show I may hospitalize you." Well, darn't. That's not part of my plan for the day at all!

Fortunately, my blood tests were already back and while my numbers were not good, they were not bad enough to warrant an immediate trip across the street. (Thank goodness!) I was sent home with pretty explicit instructions: rest, rest, REST and to call immediately if I get a persistant headache, vision problems, nauseua, etc.

Monday's appointment they will discuss inducing-- he said to not plan on being pregnant for much longer than that. (So, it looks like I may no longer have a choice regarding the inducing bit.) Hopefully a miracle will happen and I will go into spontaneous labor over the weekend, which would be great because my favorite doctor is on call all weekend.

And so, the irony to the whole thing is that for almost the entire pregnancy they have been very concerned about Sylvia. Now, Sylvia is fine and they are very concerned about me. I guess I would rather be assured that my daughter should handle labor and delivery well, but I would also rather not be considered "high risk."

Stay tuned for more!

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babystephanie said...

It will be fine! Perhaps Dave being gone is having an effect on you; I know it would for me, if I were you. Think positive, happy thoughts because afterall you will be holding her in your arms in just a few short days. I'm having a good feeling about Sunday ;)