27 October 2008

Family Life

I haven't posted anything in a few days, but rest assured, we are doing well as a family. We are VERY tired and VERY overwhelmed but not anything that was unexpected. All of these pictures are from this past Saturday and give a glimpse into our lives at present:

A 3:00 a.m. feeding with Dad.
Dad with both of his "babies." (By the way, Chloe is quite jealous!)
The little star right before her big public debut: We hosted visiting hours on Saturday.
Dave is afraid the beret will warp her and she will end up in a Paris coffee shop reading bad poetry and hanging out with the likes of the characters in Audrey Hepburn's movie Funny Face.
Our first "real" family picture. (I don't count the one from the O.R.)
Daddy and daughter-- he's smiling on the inside, I promise.
Mama and daughter-- I am looking a little less exhausted!
Sylvia and the cats-- they have really taken to her and are very good with her. She frightens Audrey a bit, but otherwise I think they all think that she is another kitten. She does pretty much the same stuff!


Lindsey said...

Another kitten? My niece is NOT a kitten! Goodness!

Kim said...

Adorable pics! Glad that everyone is doing well, despite being tired. :)

hauchfamily said...

Thanks for the updates! I'm glad you're all doing so well. What a beautiful little girl :) - catie

Julia said...

You three look wonderful! Thank you so much for the updates. Sylvia is beautiful, and the two of you do look tired but happy. It is a big adjustment whenever a family adds another member to its circle--and Sylvia will show her personality more and more as she finds new ways to express herself. Like us, it takes time for babies to recover from the shock of their new surroundings, which I am sure you have read/heard from many sources. When I was adjusting to parenthood with my first child, Daryn, I coined a phrase that became a bit of a mantra with each successive birth in our family circle: Thank God they start out small!!! Once you can distinguish the tonal quality and repetition of each cry to figure out what she wants, it becomes easier--and soon she will settle into a schedule so that you three will have your own rhythm. I am so happy for all three of you! Love, Julia XOXO