22 October 2008

First Doctor's Visit

Sylvia had her first doctor's visit today! She did very well. Just as the doctor came in, though, she gave a nice gushy "squirt" into her diaper, so I think her initial impression may have been a little negative but she quickly warmed up. Her birth weight was 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Her discharge weight (only two days ago) was 6 pounds, 7 ounces. By today she was already 6 pounds, 13 ounces! Of course, this didn't surprise Mama or Oma as she eats like a little piggy!

Sylvia seems to be lactose intolerant (like her Mama), so the doctor has switched her to a soy formula and already feedings have gone better. He also suggested using Dr. Brown's bottles, and these things are great! Thus far I highly recommend them to any bottle-fed tyke. They eliminate the vacuum effect, force the baby to drink slowly, and greatly reduce colic and other "gas issues." (As a side note, my milk has not come in, and some research has told me that it is not all that uncommon for women with traumatic deliveries to not have their milk come in or have it come in really late. So there is still hope!)

Below is Sylvia's hospital picture. She looks like she is saluting-- this should make her Army Captain cousin quite happy!

And for those of you who know about my relationship with Edgar and are wondering how he is coping with the change, he seems to be doing quite well-- as long as there is room for both of Mama's "babies" on her!

And in other cat news: One of our cats has already claimed Sylvia as her own. Autumn, our newest and "most feral" addition has taken a rather possessive and protective attitude. She curls up next to Sylvia, chases other cats away from Sylvia, and sits guard under Sylvia's swing. It is pretty neat.

And I am doing pretty well. Still very sore, very tender, and very exhausted. It is difficult for me to not be able to really care for myself much less not be able to care for my daughter, but I cherish the moments I have with her. She is so precious and when I see her little eyes studying my face I marvel at how remarkable this little human is.
And this Saturday from 2:00-5:00 we are having "visiting hours." If you would like to come visit, we would LOVE to see you. For directions or further information, email me at george544@juno.com.

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Julia said...

I love these pictures! And, yes, I will be there--in spirit, although not in person. Thank you so much for using the gift of technology to bring me as close to you as possible. It means more to me than I can say. All of my love, Julia XOXO