01 March 2009

Reaching and Grabbing

Our baby girl is reaching and successfully grabbing. It is amazing to watch her perform this feat. For us it is such a general and basic maneuver that we never even think about it, but when I watch this little person struggle to reach and grab for something I am reminded of just how incredible this movement really is.

Some of her favorite toys include her crinkle tag blanket, her "Baaa" (a blanket buddy), her Baby Einstein floor mat and play station, and she also greatly enjoys Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein videos. And, yes, we let her watch t.v. I figure the movement and color is probably very stimulating and good for her, so I am not opposed to twenty minute videos once a day.

She is very social and if you come to visit you will probably get a big smile, a giggle and a stern talking to by our Little Pumpkin. She is also very determined and will fight, fight, fight to finally accomplish whatever she has set out to do-- or will fall asleep of exhaustion from trying (such as her thus far futile attempts at rolling over). Dave says she reminds him of me in this regard. Isn't that sweet?

She is such an incredible little human being!


Lindsey said...

HA! It's "sweet" now... you just WAIT! Mua-hahaha!

Stepher said...

I noticed her trying to grab things last week when I watched her. She's trying to prep for when she can lift weights with me. Good times are ahead!