30 March 2009

Another NIH Trip

Every year we take a trip to the National Institutes of Health so Dave can receive numerous tests and figure out how his disease is progressing (or hopefully not!). We leave this coming Sunday. Short trip this year, only four days instead of our usual seven.

We have to leave Sylvia behind. A national research hospital is just not a place for a little person. She will be staying with my folks and she will be deeply missed every moment. I know she is in good hands, but this will be difficult for Mama and Daddy as they have never been without their Little Pumpkin for so long!

We are kind of excited for this trip because we are meeting up with numerous people. I get to catch up with three old college friends on Monday night and just today I received a phone call from my cousin, Jonathan (who was here this past August with his wife, Heather), and he and his wife are going to take a trip into Bethesda to visit with us for a day!

But please be thinking of us in this coming week: Safety for traveling, that Sylvia will do all right without us, and that Dave will get a healthy report.

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