12 March 2009

Last Weekend's Excitement

First, this little girl had her first professional photo shoot on Saturday. And Daddy took her ALL BY HIMSELF. He did a good job but he neglected to add the cardigan she is wearing in this shot to her outfit, despite Mama having gone over ALL the details the night before. So, admire this cute cardigan that was purchased specifically for the photos that it won't make an appearance in.
"And what are these?" you may be wondering. Well, one of our outdoor cats, Orange, suddenly decided to become an indoor cat and was VERY pregnant. Well, Friday evening I went into the bedroom to change my clothes and I hear "meh, meh" coming from under our bed. The only thing I can think is "Oh, drat! Not under the bed!!!" (Better than ON the bed, I suppose.) Anyway, there was Orange under Dave's headboard side of the bed with two kittens. We were actually able to move her to her nesting box where she birthed three more babes. Four are orange like her and one is dark with orange splotches. Too cute.
So . . . In all sincerity, unless you have a serious cat allergy please consider accepting one of these cuties into your home. We can't keep them (obviously!), but we don't want to send them to the humane society where they will most likely be killed. (That is if the humane society will even accept them. Often they won't.) We are also always looking to move our other cats into permanent homes. This selection comes in a wide range of cat personalities and looks and all of them come spayed/neutered and up-to-date with shots. Please please, please look into your hearts and see if you don't have room for one furry addition to your household.


Stephanie said...

Oh how sweet!!
The darker one looks like Layla.
My heart melts for them, but I'm maxed out on kitties for now.
I will definitely ask around, you should print up a flier and I will hang it on the bulletin board in the store. Tons of cat ladies that shop there, one of them already has 21 cats!! What's one more?
She volunteers at Crash's Landing though, and that would be hard to not have several.
Sylvia looks adorable in her cardigan. Can't wait to see the shots without it, lol!

Lindsey said...

I want the little black kitten... but momma said no. Sylvia is adorable in the cardigan, but she will be just as cute without it!

Susan Maerz said...

If I didn't have four already, I would take one...