21 March 2009

More Milestones

Sylvia now gets solid, "real" food sometimes. Here she is eating sweet potatoes:

And yesterday I bought her a Bumbo: A flexible, plastic seat that helps keep her upright when she sits. She LOVES it! I think she likes the added feeling of independence and freedom it provides her. It also comes in handy for feeding time.

And the kittens are growing and are so stinkin' cute:


Lindsey said...

Aww... so cute! All around- but I'm not so sure Sylvia likes the seat because of "independence" I think it's because she can stay upright and look around!

JV said...

Great pictures! I'm sorry about the kitten you lost. I know that's heartbreaking. The kitties are at about the same stage where Meijer was when we got him (eyes barely open and ears still not held up yet).

What a cute idea for an infant seat, too! It's great that you have a place where you can put her without worrying about her falling over or anything and where she can sit up and look around!

Hope you're feeling better, BTW.

Snookie said...

The lil P is sooooo cute!

That's a great idea for a seat, wish they were around when Surferman was a baby! Use to prop him up with pillows...

Kitties are cute too!