26 March 2009

Big Event

Last night we went out for dinner with the three of us! We have been hesitant to go anywhere with Sylvia because she is not the best "behaved" in public. She is much better now than she ever has been in the past but there is just no telling when she will "explode" and we will have a messy, noisy little person on our hands. The night started out well:
But it didn't take long and we were taking turns bouncing her and coddling her and talking to her and playing with her and doing anything in our power to keep her somewhat happy while we ate:
We considered the outing very successful. She made it all the way until the very end of our dinner at which point Dave had to go running outside with her and I stayed to pay the bill. It was just such a beautiful day and we wanted to celebrate as a family somehow. (And in case you are wondering we went for a VERY early dinner; we were at the restaurant by 4:30 so that almost no one would be there.)
And this picture is of the Lil Pumpkin in her yoga pants! Yes, yoga pants. I found them at a store and thought they were too cute and too appropriate as her mama has taken an interest in yoga lately. (And, yes, I am starting to really feel the muscles tone up, and I am sure she is as well!)

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Stepher said...

Didn't want you to think no one reads your blogs so I thought I better comment.
1.) Love the yoga pants! She may be a trainer someday, like her Aunty Stephy
2.) Love the first pic of her. I cannot believe how big she is getting!
3.) Glad to hear the dinner out wasn't a complete disaster.
Love to you all!!