28 March 2009

"Jonny Jump Up"

Sylvia got the best present from her grandma yesterday: The Jonny Jump Up (or at least that's what they were called in the 80's). She is in love with her newest toy!
And this is Alley. She is both the smallest and the loudest kitten of the litter. She can literally keep me up at night with her almost violent sounding "mehs." She also has the most spunk and seems the most agile of all of them. She has wormed her way into my heart. (But she still needs a new home!)

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

She is too cute- I can't wait to come see it! As for the kitten- you shouldn't have named her- tsk tsk! You know what they say... once you name the animal you can't give it up!