05 January 2009

Two (and a half) Month Check-Up

Today Sylvia finally made it in for her two month check-up. The weather has not been good for trying to make and keep appointments but today finally worked. She got her first shots. It was a rather traumatic experience for both her and Mama, but we survived. She is running a low-grade temperature tonight and is pretty tired but she seems okay. She is also going to be started on Baby Prevacid for acid reflux. Hopefully this will help ease the discomfort she feels after feeding and it may cut down on the amount of spitting up as well. The doctor did comment about her flat head. He said that it was "flatter than the average bear," but after looking for asymmetrical aspects to her face he was happy to say that he thinks she will be okay. If she looks worse in a few weeks we need to take her in and possibly look into a helmet, but we need to get her to him before four months. At this point, however, he is not concerned, so neither are we.

And for the statistics: She weighs 10 lbs. 14 oz. She remains in the 50th percentile. Her head circumference was 15" and this also keeps her in the 50th percentile. (She has always been very average in these areas since before birth.) BUT when measuring her length the nurse actually said, "This can't be right." She is 24" long, putting her in the 90th percentile! Less than two months ago she was only 20" and that was the 50th percentile. The nurse was shocked. I wasn't so much. I knew she was long and thin, and it turns out she is really long and thin. This is why all her clothes fit her in length but hang on her little body.

As long as all goes well we don't return until the end of February.

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