17 January 2009

Totally in Love with a Three Month Old

Sylvia turned three months today, and we are just so in love with this girl!

And she got a very important lesson today: How to read a book "properly." She has her teddy bear, a blanket, a cat in the lap, a good book (a touch and feel about farm animals), (and Daddy had coffee next to him). These two had so much fun reading together.


Stephanie said...

She is pretty as a picture!

Stepher said...

When I saw her on Thursday I could not believe how big she is getting - more specifically, how long! I picked her up expecting heavy weight, but she's still as light as a feather. She's so much more interactive now too! I just love, love, love my baby niece!

Ria said...

How she is growing!
And 3 months already, it goes much to fast and also yes it has been already 2 months since we have been at your place.
I do love the little movies you do put on your blog. Very very nice!

Lots of love, Ria

Katie said...

ok, I tried to con Steph into coming to see you - your daughter is adorable by the way!!! She would cheer up anyone - what a smile!
Katie (stephanie's big sister)

Lindsey said...

Yup, the RIGHT way to read a book! She is so cute! :D