16 January 2009

Bad Chloe and Other Animal Stories

Chloe is frequently outside of her cage, but she is confined to being on her cage, on her portable perch or a finger when she is "outside." She is not allowed on the floor and is not given "free range." The other day I was sitting on the couch with the baby when I heard "clink, clink." I figured it was a cat, so yelled at them to "stop it!" But then when I looked to Chloe's cage and saw that she wasn't where she was supposed to be I hurridly got up and rounded the corner to find her here:

And she was quite proud of herself. That stinker!

Meanwhile, Albus has become a HUGE cat with quite the "mane" of fur:

All that fur around his neck was sticking straight up in the air when I took this picture. It was too comical looking. He has also taken the place of our "special cat" since Alex has left us. Albus has some personal space issues (like sitting on top of the other cats) and he also doesn't appear to be the sharpest crayon in the box either. Last night he was actively searching for where the noise from the "cat in the box" (television) was coming from. He was the only one. Audrey, in fact, stared at him with disdain. Thus far the only intelligent male cat we have ever met is Edgar. But that figures; he is my "baby."

And lately on the nights when I have Sylvia I come back to the bed and find this:

And, no, Olivia is not quick to give up her spot!

And, finally, we have mentioned that the Lil' Pumpkin is Autumn's "kitten." This next picture is further evidence of that:

Autumn is so good with Sylvia. Last night Autumn curled right up next to her and let Sylvia grab at her fur. She even snuggled in return!

And as the closing note to this blog I have some WONDERFUL news to share. My dad got his lab reports back yesterday and it showed cancer in the specimen but not in the margins. Translation: The cancer was contained to the prostrate (did not spread) and no further treatment is needed! We are so very, very thankful.


Suanne said...

So glad to hear the good news!
Love your blog.
Have a fabulous day!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful news indeed!!
I love all the animal stories, very cute! Especially Autumn.
My captcha has cat and pur in it.