09 January 2009

Bright Eyes, Red Hair, Twelve Weeks

Yes, she is almost three months already. I was hoping to get some "real" pictures taken for her three month shot, but money is too tight right now. Maybe at six months. Needless, I will try and get some really good shots when she does reach three months. Today, however, she is twelve weeks.

While feeding her this morning I couldn't help noticing how long her hair is getting. Not that she has a lot of it, but what she does have is beginning to get quite lengthy on the top of her little head. And her hair is so red!

And those darling blue eyes are becoming more and more active in their pursuit to take in the world. Sometimes I catch her just staring at her hands now. And she can see me from across the room and send me the biggest smile.

And this girl loves her daddy! Yesterday was a big day for her. She ran errands with me for the first time. (Running errands involves a trip into Grand Rapids, so this is an hours long excursion.) She did so good too! By the time we got home, though, she was tired and cranky. By 5:00 when her daddy called to say hello she was a little fuss budget again and crying. Daddy wanted to say hello to her, so I stuck the phone by her ear. Sylvia got real quiet and then she started smiling and talking back. She knows her daddy's voice and loves it!
She is getting more and more fun every day.

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Stepher said...

Love every picture and I agree that she is becoming more fun with every passing day! Loved getting to see her on Sunday. You could have left her with her aunt when you went to see Dad, you know :)