02 January 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I realize it has been quite a while since I have posted anything. That is due in part to the chaotic nature of the season and in part to the sporadic internet connection we have. We only just got internet again after having been without it for several days. This post is FULL of pictures. And for simplicity's sake, there will be little explanation. If you have any questions, just ask!
This was Sylvia's Christmas morning picture. I had her dressed in one of her mama's favorite things to wear: Jeans and a Cardigan. These are her "old man pants" and they actually fit her pretty well now! She is so thin, though, that they are still large through the waist. I had actually tried another pair on before this pair. (A much cuter jean.) But the new pair was HUGE-- despite the 3-6 month tag. She is just so skinny! [This picture also serves as her one-day-early Ten Week Picture.]
And this her Eleven Week Picture. The shirt is a Christmas present from Mama and Daddy. And we did her Christmas presents by bringing them down to my parent's house Christmas morning. After we all opened our gifts I passed around Sylvia's presents from us. There was enough for everyone to open one, so we did. It made her gift giving a lot more fun.
This is time she spent with Daddy tonight. Dave is so good about letting her just sit on his lap while he does stuff. It is pretty neat.
And the following is just a ton of pictures from the last week. Enjoy! [And I am very sorry, but for some reason all these pictures are only posting in one long strip and not in a collage format, like I have html'd them to do!]


Kim said...

Sylvia is so adorable! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...and I hope you don't get any more snow for awhile!

Stepher said...

She is looking so big and so much like her daddy!