12 January 2009

Little Giggles

My dad's surgery went very well. There were no surprises when they went inside, the organ detached easily from the surrounding tissue, and he is recovering nicely. He should be able to go home tomorrow after noon. The biopsy results won't be in until the end of the week, so we will not know until then if the cancer spread. But we have every reason to be thankful. I will post more when I know more.

And tonight Sylvia had her first little giggle. She has been trying so hard for the last couple of weeks and tonight I heard her first little "ha ha's." Hopefully I can catch it on video when she really starts to laugh.


Julia said...
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Julia said...

What a sweetie! I am so thankful that you blog on here, Valerie! It is so good to have this opportunity to check in and see how all of you are doing. Thank you, also, for sending me the precious photo of Sylvia for my wallet. (((hugs))) Seeing the video of Sylvia talking took me back to when my grown up kids were babies. It is so exciting when they start expressing themselves with various tones in their babbles and gurgles. She is such an expressive little sweetie! Of course, this is no surprise to me, as I have always enjoyed our conversations. Happy 2009! XOXO

Stephanie said...

Glad your dad is doing well and can't wait to hear Sylvia laugh!