30 November 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving with the Pumpkin this year. On Thanksgiving day we were at Dave's folks' with my family also in attendance. On Black Friday we were at Dave's Grandma's house where we were also joined by the rest of his family and his aunt and uncle. Sylvia was such a trooper both days and stayed in really great spirits.
Here she is enjoying her Thanksgiving dinner. It was much better than last year's yucky soy formula!
And this is just a really cute shot of her with Uncle Joe. Sometimes she's not too sure around him. I think it is because he is an auto mechanic and often smells of oil and motor fumes. But she did great with him on Thursday!
Here we are at Great Grandma's decorating the tree. Sylvia loved the beaded garland!
With Great Aunt Suanne.
With Grandma and Grumpy in front of the clock, the traditional spot for family pictures to be taken.

And getting her first listen to music from an MP3 player, thanks to Uncle Brian!

In medical news: Today I go in for what will hopefully be my last ultrasound this pregnancy. I am expecting all to look well, but it will still be nice (and a bit of a relief) to hear it come from the doctor. I also have another prenatal appointment afterward. I am not expecting any surprises at this visit. Hopefully it will be a ho-hum medical day.


Lindsey said...

I love that picture of her and Uncle Brian! Adorable! :D

Stepher said...

I absolutely adore the pic of her and Uncle Joe, if you print copies, I would love to have one. They look so good together! I hope you're not down with that cold you were worried about.