09 December 2009

December Happenings

A lot has been going on around here. The Pumpkin is becoming more and more fun and developing more and more of her own personality. (Part of which includes being quite obstinate!) Here she is by the stereo; she was dancing to Christmas music. She loves to dance! She has also figured out how to manipulate the buttons on the stereo, so sometimes I hear music playing when I know I didn't push play!Playing with Daddy continues to be a favorite activity. She gets so excited when he comes home from work every day. I wish I could muster the same exuberant greeting for him that he receives from her every afternoon.

AND last night Sylvia stood up and took about three or four steps all on her own! She did it a couple of times again today. I think she is finally showing a real interest in walking and it should be pretty soon now and she will be running all over the house! She turns fourteen months next week.
And how can you not help but love this face?! She just makes me smile. She loves a light up Santa that I have and will insist that I turn him on every morning. She adores her babydoll and goes most everywhere with her. She can sit at her picnic table in the living room and eat her snack and drink her milk in the afternoon just like she is a real "big girl." She loves to sit by me on the couch and "read" her books. She also loves to read Mommy and Daddy books too-- and more often than not is holding them the right side up! She is stacking her blocks and trying to manipulate her toys into their slots and spaces, etc. She greatly enjoys carrying pictures around the house with her. I have a few that I am going to have laminated so they will last longer. Along this note, if any of you have a picture of yourself or a pet or something else you think Sylvia would love to look at, give it to me and I will laminate it as well.
And this is, obviously, a little bouncer seat. Sylvia loves to sit in this and she has learned how to manage the controls at the base. One switch is for the vibration and the other is for the music. She simply loves to turn the vibration on and off. Every time she turns it on she leans back in the seat and gets this huge grin on her face. I am a little worried about what will happen after Veda arrives!

Last week Monday I went in for what will hopefully be my last ultrasound this pregnancy. Lovebug looked great. She was about three pounds already and seemed to be healthy and active. She kept opening and closing her mouth and moving her little feet around. It was actually a very fun scan.
Profile shot: Face is on the right hand side.
And it looks like we may have a little thumb sucker. It is really hard to tell for sure on a 2D screen, but both the sonographer and I really thought she kept sucking on her thumb!

And this year I am handmaking a lot of my Christmas gifts for people. Not only are we poor (of course, yarn and scrapping material aren't cheap!), but I also greatly enjoy doing it. I feel like my gift has so much more meaning when I have made it. This is a little blue bird I made for my 93 year old great aunt. She will be receiving it this coming Saturday at our family get together. The next one I make I think I am going to try and add a little tuft of "hair" to the top of his head, just like our little finch, Eglantine.

That is all for now!

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Stepher said...

She is becoming so intelligent. In no time, she'll be carrying around a dictionary and introducing Vayda to a whole new vocabularly, or, at the least, telling her what her favorite color is. Orange I believe :)