16 December 2009


I am having a difficult time. I am in so much pain from this pregnancy that I am nearly in tears. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and I finally had to give in and accept physical therapy. I have been putting off the therapy because I don't know how I am going to manage doing it with a fourteen month old. How on earth am I supposed to control her while I am undergoing various exercises? I don't know, but I suppose we will give it a try. I have no other choice. She also told me to rest as much as possible and to not lift anything. I told her that was simply not an option (meaning I have a toddler).

While this pregnancy is technically going much better than my previous one the pain factor is through the roof. The doctor said that sometimes happens with subsequent pregnancies especially when A: I was pregnant again about half a year after giving birth and B: I have a fourteen month old who requires lifting and chasing after.

I wish I could even say that it was only one aspect of pregnancy pain that is bothering me but the truth is my sciatic nerve is pinched 24/7, my pelvic bones have shifted too far apart causing my uterus to rest on my ligament and occasionally making me collapse to the floor in pain, and my hips are in sorry shape causing me excruciating pain at night. This doesn't include the "normal" back pains and such.

I don't want to complain because none of these things are life threatening (unlike last year), but I am really about at the end of my rope . . .

AND after Lovebug is born we will need HELP. I will be unable to physically care for both of my girls. My mother-in-law is wonderful and will offer as much help as she can, but she has her own life too. My own mother has my sister (who is due five weeks ahead of me), as well as her father and my father's aunt to care for. We are relying on friends and other family to help us out for a few weeks-- until I am able to lift Sylvia on my own. So, please . . . If you can spare a day in March, let us know. (And, yes, I am beginning to get rather stressed about this.)

In other pregnancy news, I am scheduled for one more ultrasound. My last one was not my last one, after all. Perhaps I don't understand how badly everything went with the last pregnancy but the doctor said that things went quite wrong the last time and that puts me in the high risk category this time, requiring a late third trimester scan. And as we are also looking for a heart defect that may still present itself (although if it does it will be very minor and easy to fix) it is best to just do the scan.

And after all of this negative news I will at least leave you with a picture that makes me smile. Orange has a new favorite spot to "hang out:"


Stephanie said...

As of now I could come help you on Mondays after noon, but I might be changing jobs in the company, not the store, but my other half job and I'm not sure where that will leave me free. I could always take a day or two of vacation to help you, I would be glad to do it, so lets talk about this after the new year when I know more. I also have a few friends that live nearby you who might be willing to let Sylvia come play with their babies.
I do hope you will listen to the doctor and get some rest and you therapy. Does therapy involve going somewhere or exercises at home? I could maybe go with you to help corral little miss thang!

Stepher said...

Sorry about the negative news :( I guess I'll be returning the running shoes I bought you for Christmas (attempt at humor). . . I really hope people line up to help with your babies. I would. Maybe I can help some, but we'll have to wait and see how it goes.

On a different note: I think it's funny that Orange is becoming more blonde and Haddie (have you seen her lately) is becoming more orange. She's literally a red head now.

Wonder if Veda will be a red head?

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't live so far away, friend!!!!! I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. I hope you get some relief soon!

Lesley said...

Where do you live? MomsBloom has some volunteers in outlying areas now, they may be able to help. I know a few postpartum doulas in the rockford area if you want some referrals!

let me know-