11 December 2009


Sylvia won't want to admit this, but she is beginning to walk. Yesterday, for the very first time, she took a countless number of steps. She kind of did one large circle because she is still real unsure of her footing, but she stayed standing! The little stinker, though, really prefers to crawl. I believe she has been capable of walking for about six weeks now, but she has just refused to give it a try.

Today there were fewer attempts at taking those steps but I did catch her twice when she thought I wasn't watching. I think she will be walking "for real" by Christmas.

And this is Babydoll. Sylvia is very much in love with Babydoll, but she is so funny. When she gets upset in her crib (because she would rather be playing with Mommy and Daddy) she will throw everything out, including her socks if she has access to them. But then she realizes that Babydoll is now on the floor and out of reach, so she begins screaming. Either we give in and retrieve her or sometimes she is so sleepy that she quickly forgets and falls back to sleep.

This morning when I went in to get her I couldn't find Babydoll anywhere. Silly me. I should have just asked the Pumpkin first thing, because when I finally did she pointed to the other side of her crib (the side between the bed and wall). Sure enough, there was Babydoll.

And this is just because every kid deserves the mohawk bathtime opportunity.

Something really sweet happened today. I had a nurse who helped me in the hospital last year following Sylvia's birth (and the ONLY good nurse I had, no kidding), contact me. She wondered if I had a surgery date set for Lovebug's birth so that she could try and get me a better room and see if her schedule would allow her to hopefully take care of me. I was happy, but also kind of sad, to write her back and say that because this pregnancy was going very well and that baby looked good (very different from last year!) I had a choice of where to deliver. I chose Holland Hospital instead of Spectrum. The friends I have who delivered there all raved about it and the couple of times I have been to visit friends in the maternity ward I have always liked the "vibes" of the place. Still, it was very touching to have this nurse contact me. She is a blessed soul and was my saviour last year.

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Stepher said...

You must be stuck home - but I love all of the posts. I cannot wait to see Sylvia's new moves tomorrow.
p.s. The Mohawk is awesome!!!