06 November 2009

Fetal Echocardiogram and Ladybugs

Yesterday was the fetal echocardiogram. The video is of a very healthy heart in a very healthy developing baby girl! The echo came back looking great, as did the growth and anatomy scan. We are now done with the high-risk doctors this pregnancy! I do need one more sonogram in about seven or eight more weeks. Pulmonary stenosis (Dave's heart defect) is something that can develop later in pregnancy, so we will have one last scan to verify that Lovebug's heart still looks great. IF something should develop it would be very minor and "easy" to fix. This is such a change from last year-- a healthy, normal pregnancy?!?!? WOW!!!
This last picture is actually very funny. Lovebug has never let us see her face. In this shot you are looking at the back of her head and her little arm is extended up and her hand is by her face. She was "shooing" us away! That little stinker!And Ladybugs: Sylvia was an adorable little ladybug for Halloween. It was very low-key this year. I was sick with the flu, but Dave dressed her up for me and then took her to Uncle Phil and Aunt Keeley's. She was too darling and she actually tolerated the costume very well.

And I haven't mentioned the animals in a while. They are doing very well and get along great, as you can see in the picture. Only one little pistol is in our midst, Olivia. She is great with the people but not so wonderful with the other cats. She is especially mean to Orange (the one on the far left in the picture). This is rather funny, as Orange is her mother! Sylvia loves her kitties and they actually do pretty well with her. I wonder what they will think when we bring yet another little person into our house!

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Stepher said...

I want to see more pictures of the pumpkin as a ladybug. Olivia reminds me of Alex all of the time. He's been especially cruel to "stinky" lately. Usually she deserves it, but lately he's just been a grump. I think he's a little more into one on one times with me and he feels threatened whenever his sister is around because he might have to share. It's funny.